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Our Psychologists

Our clinics provide a wide range of counselling, psychology and psychotherapy services with our staff specialising in a broad range of areas. Counselling is used in order to manage a variety of life problems, and we can assist children, adolescents, adults and families in all stages of their life.

In addition to the clinical and general psychologists working at our clinics, low-cost psychological assessment and treatment is also available through our Cairnmillar students. The students providing these services are registered provisional psychologists completing supervised field placement as part of the educational program at the Cairnmillar Institute. The students are fully supervised by an experienced clinical psychologist throughout their placement. Students are available for counselling sessions without the need for a referral and without a limit on the number of sessions. The fee for counselling and therapy with a student is only $20 per session and for specific cognitive testing and report writing a flat fee of $380 is charged.

Ms Mandy Taylor

Director of Clinical Services

Dr Coral Brown

Senior Psychologist

Ms Karen Fossey

Registered Psychologist

Ms Robyn Gordon

Registered Psychologist and Assistant Director - The Big Tent Project

Ms Margaret Karafilowska

Registered Psychologist

Dr Jon Kettle

Clinical Psychologist and Acting Head of Clinical Practice

Dr Tanya Osicka

Registered Psychologist

Mr Kevin Peel

Clinical Psychologist

Ms Joanne Smith

Registered Psychologist

Ms Keira Stevenson

Registered Psychologist