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I Win You Lose


“I win you lose” is a gritty and courageous drama series, that portrays how the lives of two children from an ordinary Aussie family, are affected by gambling.

In nine, 5 minute episodes, we follow the brother and sister from childhood until they are young adults. We see them grow up in a world in which they are exposed to the constant presence of gaming and gambling.

It’s legal, it’s normal, it’s big and it’s everywhere!!

But its repercussions…….have a dramatic impact on society.


Cairnmillar has been involved in treating gambling additions, either individually or in groups, and we strongly support this video series.

Read more on the I Win You Lose Website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page to watch, share, comment, engage with us (and each other) and spread the word far and wide. Let’s get this important information into our schools, our sporting clubs, our universities and out into the community at large.

If you would like to use this drama as an educational resource please contact us or phone 1800 391 393.