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Carers Education and Support Groups

“The launch of a specialist psychology clinic for older
Australians, their families and caregivers.”

As people get older they have concerns about the future, how they will cope, how to gather the strength and resilience to live on their own, or with others. To deal with the adjustments to be made, with a sense of self-worth and continuing purpose in life.

The new clinic will provide specialist psychological services to support the many psychological anxieties and concerns of older adults.

Grief and Loss

Self-esteem issues

Relationship concerns



Family Issues


Adjustment issues

Financial concerns

Above all, there is the continuing concern of how to grow older more successfully.

Cairnmillar has been doing this kind of work over many years, since 1961.  The staff have a strong body of skills and expertise to call upon.  The SAGE Clinic at Cairnmillar offers specialist psychological services to address the myriad of psychological needs and concerns of older adults. It also extends to counselling for families and caregivers to assist them with this very important task. The following service is available in the home, Retirement Village, Aged Care Facility or at our Camberwell office. For all clinic details please phone 9813 3400, or email Julie.Chochovski@cairnmillar.org.au

As we get older we begin to think we are sitting ducks for the problems and troubles of older age. But we can prevent, as well as deal with, the worries that keep crowding into our minds… we can learn how to forget the things we can’t deal with anyway, and how to be resilient and bounce back after a distressing event.