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Goodminds Newsletter

Goodminds December Newsletter 2019

Click on the download link to read about Cairnmillar’s latest research, events and news, including: Boredom a Key Gambling Trigger; More Help for Eating Disorders; Improving the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Dandenong. 

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Goodminds Newsletter June 2019

New Clinical Bridging Programs – Mental Health First Aid Course in the Bush – Our Special Scottish Visitor.

Goodminds Newsletter June 2018

The Governor Opens Our New Building –  Narcissism, Mind Games and Emotional Bullying – How to Make A Librarian Smile 

Goodminds Newsletter June 2017

Cairnmillar on the Move – Our New Building – Hitting the Emotional Wall – Farewell and Congratulations

Goodminds Newsletter June 2016

55 Years of Achievement – Every Scholarship makes a Difference – Two New York Analysts Treat Traumatised Kids in Harlem

Goodminds Newsletter December 2018

Obsessive Internet and Gaming Disorder Treatment and Research Unit –  Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference 
– Pictures from our Building Opening

Goodminds Newsletter December 2017

A Milestone Year for Cairnmillar and Becoming a Registered VET Provider – Assisting Children with Special Needs – Religiosity Predicts Better Responses to Therapy

Goodminds Newsletter December 2016

A dream that started 15 years ago… The Institute to run its first Doctoral Degree – Success in the National Psychology Exam – Suicide Prevention a National Concern