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Welcome to the Cairnmillar Institute. We are a not for profit organisation and a registered health promotion charity. For almost 60 years Cairnmillar has provided psychological services at their clinics in Hawthorn, Highpoint and Whittlesea. Cairnmillar also offers professional short courses and higher education programs through their School of Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy

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2019 Course & Program Guide


The School has developed an outstanding teaching program and an excellent reputation for the education of psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors.
The high quality of our courses means that our graduates obtain the highest possible standards.

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At Cairnmillar’s psychology clinic, we offer quality affordable counselling sessions with highly recommended psychologists.
Our Psychologists aim to provide cost-effective therapy to clients understanding that engagement with therapy requires an extended personal and financial investment.

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The Short Course Centre plays an important role in enhancing the contribution that Cairnmillar make to the psychological health of the community.

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Our targeted community programs, partnerships, volunteers and alumni help us to support our mission to improve the mental health and wellbeing of our broader community.

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June Goodminds Newsletter

Read our latest news, events and research, including our Clinical Bridging Programs, a Special Scottish Visitor, and the Mental Health First Aid in the bush. 

2019 Graduation Ceremony

The Cairnmillar Institute is looking forward to the annual graduation ceremony, on Tuesday 2nd May 2019 at the Malvern Town Hall. All are welcome and we encourage you to support our students and staff by acknowledging their achievements, applauding their contribution...

Mid-Year Intake and Open Night

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), 4th Year Open Night Our APAC accredited Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) fourth year course meets the requirements for an advanced study in psychology, and is currently accepting applications for the mid-year 2019 intake. Join us on...

I Win You Lose: A Web-Series

Gambling is everywhere. We see it in sports, community clubs, hotels, on television, radio, iPads and mobile phones. Without realising it, we can be creating the next generation of gamblers.
Cairnmillar has been involved in treating gambling additions, either individually or in groups, and we strongly support this video series as a preventative way to educate by raising awareness of the unseen, yet pervasive nature of gambling.